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If you want to help me save my life and support the investigations to fight this disease, make your donation. It does not matter the quantity because any contribution, as small as it is, it’s a great help.

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who i am

I’m Francisco José Sanz González de Martos, although my friends call me Paco. I was born a 17th September 1970 in Valencia. When I turned 5, my father was transferred to Alicante, where I lived till I was 12, when I came back to Valencia. I went to the Hermanos Maristas School and I ended up in the San Vicente Ferrer Institute.

The Cowden Syndrome

The Cowden Syndrome is generally produced by the mutation of the PTEN gen (phosphatase and tensin homolog) situated in the 10q23.2 chromosome. Is unknown the exact prevalence, although is estimated that affects about 1 in 200.000 people.


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